Simmering with effortless vocals and translucent beats, Melbourne’s own Youngs have released a glitchy clip for their latest new single ‘Serasan Shakes’. With a kaleidoscope of colours and transitions, the clip sees the four-piece dive in and out of temporal space. Recorded by Anna Laverty (Meg Mac) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Japanese Wallpaper), the single is a feverish depiction of love, loss and memories of times set against lush keys and rhythms.

Directed by Sami ‘Misklectic’ Sommariva who has worked on projects for various artists such as Flying Lotus and Sleep D, the style of the clip is a trip on the senses as it changes textures and tones. With a background in sculpting, Sommariva enhances the crossover into installation, videography and sculptured work.

Saturday 15th August
Single Launch with Nico Ghost and Orches
Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne