Former favourite folk music artist, Nathan Hawes, has kicked off his comeback to the music world with a fresh new chapter as Kesmar. Initially from Sydney, Hawes’ decade-long folk background has evolved with his latest single Feel It Again, bringing out 70’s disco vibes with a catchy, vibrant chorus.

Nathan shares with us that his debut single Feel It Again, co-produced by Melbourne’s electronic musician Lanks, is inspired by the chaos of emotions and doubts, after a failed relationship. “Will I feel it again?“, a common refrain reiterated in the track that many heartbroken lovers are sure to relate to.

“In the process of writing all of this new music, it was important for me to push my creativity and that included adopting new visuals – particularly a lot of 70’s French colouring with red, blue and bright colours.”

Unafraid of change, Hawes shares the reason behind his new stage name.

“Choosing a new name took incredibly long. I wanted something new to suit the music and as I was in the final stages of completing this project, Kesmar seemed to come along and fitted well, feeling right for the music.”

New electro artist, KESMAR releases fresh single ‘Feel It Again’.

Dedicating two years to exploring new music and expanding his genre, Feel It Again draws influences from various European artists involved in electronic pop, new wave and indie rock such as MetronomyRoosevelt and L’imperatrice. His newfound genre channels dance floor beats  including synths, live drums and bass, all intertwining smoothly with Kesmar’s light whimsical vocals providing the perfect nostalgic chill wave.

Working extensively on this project over the course of the last two years, his return to music has been nothing short of a whirlwind journey, one that Kesmar himself describes as “a huge learning curve”.

“The whole process was really eye opening especially learning production, stepping out of my comfort zone and being present throughout each production stage.”

Looking deeper into the production process, Hawes jokingly compares it to running a business, acknowledging the heavy work, revealing that ‘it comes with a lot of self-sacrifice and behind the scenes work that most don’t witness’. 

It appears that the challenge of self-production and learning the whole process of music production has paid off, bringing several solid reviews along with fans embracing his new versatile electro-pop style.

His first headline show as Kesmar will be held at The Lansdowne on November the 7th, where he hints he will be revealing more new music.

Hawes has recently shared news of supporting artist Vera Blue coming up February the 8th in 2019 in Melbourne, with more future announcements expected to be revealed soon.

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