The Vaccines have released their newest single Handsome with a kick-ass Kung Fu style video. It shows the band learning Kung Fu moves The Karate Kid style, but take away Mr. Miyagi and replace him with a lizard-man.

The video clip takes you into the life of four weak men who just want to be able to stand up for themselves and for another weird-looking creature. Although the plotline isn’t too original, its unexpected characters and humorous montages make it entertaining enough and fits well with the upbeat song which is quite typical of their style.

The release was in lead up to their third album that had its debut in Brighton Concorde 2 yesterday. Today, January 20, they will be playing an intimate show with their new music at Village Underground in London that was kept secret until January 13. Tickets are for fans only and given through a contest system, costing £20 a ticket (approx. 36.91 AUD). Not too shabby a price for being able to get up close and personal with the band.

For those of you in other places in the world where it takes more than a 16 hour flight to get to London, you can still enjoy their music by pre-ordering Handsome from:


Everyone else, you still have a shot at getting ticket for tonight by entering here.