One-third of acclaimed Australian hip-hop heavyweights Thundamentals, Tuka has revealed his David Lynch inspired music video for is latest single ‘Nirvana’, the first single to be taken from his forthcoming solo album Life Death Time Eternal, due for release mid 2015.

“I’m a big fan of David Lynch so when OH YEAH WOW sent through the treatment for the video I was immediately drawn to it. For me, the clip refects one of the lyrics in the song really well. “You can make up what you take up from it”. It’s a very inactive clip in a lot of respects, so in that sense I’d love if people came up with their own interpretation of what it actually means. That being said it might help to keep in mind what the meaning of the word “Nirvana” is while you view it, then sit back and observe it for what it actually is” explains Tuka.

Nirvana sees Tuka steer away from hip-hop and take more of a songwriter approach, it’s a dark and intriguing track and probably not what you would expect from Tuka:

“In terms of songwriting it is a bit left of centre compared with the rest of the album but I felt the record needed some key moments of reflection/point of difference and “Nirvana” helped me create that. The title of the album is “Life Death Time Eternal” so as you can imagine there is a lot to discuss, Nirvana helps balance  the more dense elements of the record while still retaining the overall feel of what the album is about and how it sounds. I dare say some people may think I’ve written a folk/rap album after I put this out, but as things unfold I hope people start to expect the unexpected. Nirvana is  quirky introduction to a very broad and genre-blending album.”