New South Wales based alt-rockers The Rubens have released a music video for their song, Hoops,’ the title track from their sophomore effort, which was released last week.

Lead singer Sam Margin describes the track as a late entry on, “what we thought was the finished album.” Lyrically, the song describes, “a relationship with someone who does damaging things to keep you close.”

The video sees the group dressed unanimously in white, as the band plays rather peacefully over an equally colourless background. Margin’s vocal delivery is delicate, as he almost politely sings to the viewer with his hands behind his back.

As the video continues, the band begins to multiply, eventually becoming an impressive visual display of band members playing upside down, and moving about in the background as if nothing strange is happening. The track chugs along nicely with it’s catchy chorus and beat.

The Ruben’s brand new album, Hoops is out now via Ivy League Records.

You can find more information on their upcoming tour here.