Sydney based ‘pop n roll’ group The Lulu Raes have just launched a music video for their new track, ‘Burnout.’

With vocalist Eddie ‘Bomber’ Burton channeling brit-pop vibes of the 1990s, ‘Burnout’ glides along nicely, with a joyous, pulsating beat and overly-catchy chorus.

The video showcases the group seemingly going about their daily life, being exceedingly friendly with pedestrians, riding BMX’s and eating chips. The humorous and oddly suitable music video was shot and edited by Aidan Keogh.

The Lulu Raes have already supported the likes of Sticky Fingers, The Vines, DMA’s and Little Bastard, and will be playing a number of shows throughout September and beyond.

The Lulu Raes 2015 Tour Dates

Sunday, September 6
King St Crawl, NSW

Wednesday, September 9

Friday, September 11
AU Review 7th B’day, Black Bear Lodge, QLD

Friday, September 19
Small World Festival, NSW

Wednesday, December 30
Lost Paradise Festival, NSW