Seductive and undeniably bold, ‘All In’ is the magnetic and powerful debut single of The Fjords. Set in a dreamscape of nostalgia and blurred realities, the video clip is a deliciously bloody Blockbuster battalion that features fatal attacks, explosions and fist to fist tumbles. Led by a surprising protagonist, the feature follows the young boy as he faces his oppressors, crossing the fantastical element of video game violence and the individual viewer. Produced by Helmet Film & Visual Effects, the plot of the video was discussed by Petter Vågan (The Fjords), Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe (Helmet Film & Visual Effects), explaining:

First off, we made the video bonding over our shared nostalgic love for all things Eighties. It is where we spent our childhoods, and also formed the onset of the digital age. The music video is ambiguous when it comes to drawing a line between reality and fantasy. Where the fantastical aspect ends and reality takes over, is up the individual viewer. Thematically you have the smaller, personal story – which is the young kid dealing with his oppressors. On a larger scale, we wanted to shed light on the incredible speed of technological developments, both in online social networks, gaming, TV, etc, and our place in it, as humans. We´re living amidst the biggest social experiment to date, and ethical boundaries can get blurry when we´re in the thick of it.”

With a sinister shadow over the singles gospel choir backing, the charm of ‘All In’ lies in the epic story world it fosters, howling and calling with the burning feeling of really – and I mean, really – wanting somebody.
‘All In’ is out now, available on iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud – lifted from The Fjords’ forthcoming debut album, released 2015 via Propeller Recordings.