Stillwater Giants have unleashed an adventurous, light-hearted video for their latest upbeat single ‘Montage‘.  The layered musicality, finely picked high electric guitar and a prominent yet lightly simplistic beats on the track are slightly reminiscent of Vampire Weekend’s early work. This, coupled with ethereal dream-like vocals cascading briskly overhead, creates an extremely pleasing and ever interesting sound experience.

But there’s also a story to go with the band’s not so run of the mill video. Stillwater Giants sought to shoot the video in a single take, the end of which sees them pushing a boat out and floating away from the shore. What they didn’t realize, however, is that the boat they were using, belonging to bassist Kyle Lockyer, was unregistered. After failing to talk themselves out of a fine from Marine Safety, in a defiant act worthy of true rock star acclaim they incorporated the fine itself into their last take, which they ended up using for the video itself.

You can purchase their lively new single here in preparation for their upcoming LP Munich which they’ll be releasing later this year.