British rockers Kasabian have released a new sci-fi inspired video for their latest single ‘Stevie‘, taken from their 5th studio album 48:13.

The music clip depicts a superhuman boy, born and raised in a science laboratory, undergoing countless tests to prove his indestructibility. He is taped up, tubed up, hit and shot at like a lab rat, while masked minions and “professors” look on – licking their lips – at the tormented prodigy they have created.

Dressed in white and interrogated, there’s something a little bit ‘Alex from Clockwork Orange’ about the angelic but unhappy kid, with a bit of J.J. Abrams’ filming style thrown in for good measure with all the red and blue lens flares and strobes.

The psychedelic, kiddie revolution theme smacks of a modern-day Another Brick in The Wall and works well with the polished, cinematic visuals.