The next episode of Speaker TV nationally, takes you all the way to Europe for some interviews filmed in Berlin at the beginning of 2014, before heading back to Melbourne for the Big Day Out as well as a video out of our vault from Laneway Festival 2011.

So kick back in the warmth of your house and watch interviews with Berlin based ME and Ballet School, the UK’s Bo NingenDeerhunter and local artist Oscar Key Sung.

Speaker TV Episode 10, can be viewed from July 11th in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand across the following networks:

C31 – Melbourne  – Friday  18th July at 9.30pm

TVS – Sydney – Saturday 19th July at 10pm

44 Adelaide – Monday 21st July at 8.30pm

WTV  – West Television – Tuesday 22nd July at 9.30pm

31 Digital – Brisbane – Tuesday 22nd July at 9.30pm

Face TV – New Zealand –  Thursday 24th July at 7.30pm