The Sidekicks have premiered a brand new track off their forthcoming album Runners In The Nerved World, due for release January 16 on Epitaph.

Formed in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2006, The Sidekicks paid their dues according to the old-fashion punk rock model—by playing lots and lots of shows, sleeping on floors, and generally devoting themselves to recording and touring at the expense of any other kind of life. The bands earliest recorded efforts—2007’s So Long, Soggy Dog and 2009’s Weight of Air—reflected this. By the time they released 2012’s Awkward Breeds, the romance of punk rock was beginning to wane and the influence of pop music began to creep in.

If you like daggy dancing you’ll be entertained by this clip, which has been filmed in a dark club and could be real or might be staged, either way it’s dudes being slightly awkward.

The Sidekicks –  Runners In The Nerved World out January 16 via Epitaph.