Raury has just released the video for his latest single ‘Friends,’ with footage taken from he and his friend’s Twitter-fuelled road trip from his home Atlanta to Chicago. As the clip explains, “During August 13-16, Raury and his friend Jeremy decided to take a road trip out of Atlanta. Using Twitter, they met up and hung out with fans who gave them rides from city to city, all the way up to Chicago.” 

Quite aptly, the track is called ‘Friends,’ as he uses the video to show his gratitude towards fans. The video is a touching example of community and the mutual respect and appreciation between Raury and his fans.

The single sees him team up with Rage Against the Machine legend Tom Morello. Featuring on his forthcoming debut album All We Need, the track is a down-tempo cut with dreamy vocals from Raury and a ripping guitar solo from Morello.

‘Friends’ is the closing track on Raury’s debut LP, which is due out on 16 October.