British electro punks The Prodigy have released a gory animated clip for their latest single ‘Wild Frontier‘, off the forthcoming album The Day Is My Enemy.

Devised and directed by Mascha Halberstad and featuring stop-motion animation by Elmer Kaan, the morally-motivated clip features furry little stop-motion creatures (a la Wallace & Gromit) being stalked down by nasty, gun-toting hunters.

Like their previous video for ‘Nasty’, the theme is another take on the classic “the hunter becomes the hunted” trope, this time playing out with animated puppets in a hand-crafted forest.

With a pulsating drum ‘n’ bass beat and Flint’s distinctive fuzzy chant played over the top, ‘Wild Frontier’ is another crusading dance crescendo where animals get their sweet, sweet revenge.

The Prodigy play Future Music Festival in Melbourne on Sunday 8th March.

The Day Is My Enemy is out March 30th via Three Six Zero Music/Warner Bros. Records.