As prolific as they are tenacious, the Brisbane alternative country rock group Suicide Swans have released ‘la Jungla’ their second album in just six months. The record itself has been lauded as “a layered, present and forceful album…capturing the sonic immediacy of five individuals performing together”. Taken from this record the band have released the single ‘Long Sure Drift’ with an accompanying music video.

We begin with a familiar scene, a man with a cowboy hat, electric guitar and mic stand queues up to play a good old song for the masses. This familiarity is immediately undercut and replaced with surrealism when he amps up, begins playing a roving and energetic guitar line and his surrounding context is revealed. We are not in a country bar, pub or club where the lighting is dim and the smell is ‘character’ we are in an auditorium with a directed spotlight. The audience is  not filled to the brim with enthused guests but instead we get the ambivalent attitudes  of another man who is carrying a creepy doll/ puppet/ miniature version of an old man.

It’s a simultaneously humorous and unsettling gesture and it holds the attention by building tension throughout with quick cuts and subtle acting changes. Additionally, as a song ‘Long Sure Drift’s’ structure is tried and true but works effectively for the band’s demonstration of their energy. In the bridge we get the lyrics “your voice alone contains all the conflict that I need”, emphasising a relaxed take on otherwise complicated situation.

Suicide Swans will be touring their new album soon so stay tuned for dates!