Half ape, half-man- full steam ahead on a kooky and trippy adventure into the depths of time, space and consciousness.

Quite possibly his best song yet, Brisbane rapper APEman‘s “Kronos” is an epic portrayal of one man’s internal struggle to develop their craft and keep on persevering despite the challenges. So it’s fitting that the music video is also of similarly epic proportions. Here we alternate between beautiful shots of himself in wide landscapes and claustrophobic shots of him in a dark room doing some weird shit with clocks and what-not. The effect is as surreal as it is visually intriguing, highlighting the dynamism of the rapper.

Despite the braggadocios present in the track APEman makes sure to never let sight of himself and certainly doesn’t fall into the trapping of taking himself too seriously. At one point asking: “But am I really more than just an actor?” and then answering that question with a definitive: “No I don’t think so”. It’s this self-awareness that adds to the overall charm of the APEman character and along with the crazy country hip-hop instrumental, is one of the reasons this track has received acclaim from the likes of the Triple J Hip-Hop show and Off the Cleff.

‘Kronos’ is the fifth track from APEman’s upcoming MYTHOS” multimedia project and bodes well for the rapper’s future. He will also supporting the illustrious Slick Rick on March 17 at the Back Room in Brisbane and playing Ante Up! at the Milk Factory on April 13 raising funds for domestic violence support services.