The second taste of Man It Feels Like Space Again, this sunny, psychedelic tune with a video that feels as much like a strange dream as the song sounds.

Inspired by sitting on cranes in building sites as kids, the light headedness of the anxiety induced by the thought they could fall and die is conveyed through the strange angles and bodies made of what can only be described as television static.

The video for Sitting Up On Our Crane, much like Elvis’ Flaming Star and many other videos Allbrook, Watson, and Ryan have been involved with, is an entirely confusing couple of moments for the senses. Colours and patterns whirl into each other, strange static people contort, and things feel very much ‘like space’.

Man It Feels Like Space Again is out on January 23rd and is available for pre-order now.

Man It Feels Like Space Again – Album Track listing:
1. Waiting Around For Grace
2. Elvis’ Flaming Star
3. Holding Out For You
4. Zond
5. Heroic Shart
6. Sitting Up On Our Crane
7. Outside Is The Right Side
8. Medicine Hat
9. Man It Feels Like Space Again