Los Angeles duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, Peaking lights, have added a bunch of new songs to their growing repertoire.

Their new album Cosmic Logic, is set to be released on Friday October 3, after taking some 18 months to create.

Recorded by the band themselves in their new Los Angeles studio,  many of the luminous sounds were designed by Coyes himself.

Coyes said on their sound:

“The whole thing has always been based on an idea of Fucked Modern Pop, but exactly what that is, we don’t know… we’re still trying to figure that out,” he said.

The record pays homage to ‘Der Song von Mandelay‘ from The Flying Lizards’ debut album, along with The Carpenters, Jamaican digital dancehall and too many genres to name.

This week they released their official music video to the lead single ‘Breakdown,’ a song that ties all the miss mash of music styles into one neat and perfectly odd package, producing something that is both instantly recognisable and delightfully alien at the same time.