Could a fun remix of Outkast‘s ‘Hey Ya!‘ be our new national anthem? Yes please!

Just in time for Australia Day, a Melbourne music producer’s hilarious YouTube ode to living in Australia (or “Straya” as it’s often affectionately dubbed) is getting plenty of attention online.

The genius behind the video, Terry Mann (aka Coach Bombay), has set his own cheeky and patriotic lyrics to the tune of the 2003 No.1 hit, and perhaps ambitiously titled it ‘National anthem of STRAYA

Although the video is mostly funny, the cinematography is actually impressive, with sweeping shots of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and the NT’s Uluru. And of course no Australian compilation is complete without our famous (and dangerous) animals, laid-back attitude and fondness for BBQ’s and Victoria Bitter. There’s also a nod to some of our biggest music exports with footage of AC/DC, Midnight Oil and of course, The Wiggles.

While it hasn’t gone viral yet, it is guaranteed to, so go on, watch it again. You know you want to!