Karen Andrews A.K.A Ms Murphy captivated audiences across Australia in 2013 as she made it to the final stages of The Voice. Now she’s back with an emotionally charged EP titled White Dress and the Spirit and a new single, ‘Ritual Union’.

Shy by nature, Ms Murphy comes into her own on stage, “It is true that when I step onto the stage I become somebody else,” she laughs. “I’m not usually that brave in everyday interactions. I am very shy and very quiet – that’s just who I am. But when I sing I’m very open and very exposed. I’m Ms Murphy.”

White Dress and the Spirit is a collection comprised of five songs recorded with Lance Ferguson of The Bamboos, including two tracks the pair wrote together.
Enamoured with each other’s talents, they worked in true old-school collaborative style, locked away and going guitar riff for vocal line. The full band was brought in when it came time to head to the studio.

White Dress and the Spirit is available now on iTunes!