Grimes’ single ‘Go’ has already been welcomed warmly by the music world. The track, which features Blood Diamonds, now has a wonderful full length clip to accompany it. In the clip, it seems that Grimes is hanging about the desert with Blood Diamonds alongside her, acting as her personal Hordor as they “go” to the club. This simple interpretation wouldn’t be doing Grimes’ common outspoken activism and creative process justice. The real message is perhaps much more detailed. The “Go” clip is in fact the Canadian artist’s take on the famous story ‘Dante’s Inferno’, with various examples and clues of the result of human carelessness and degradation of the earth. In her own words it is one part created to share serious messages but also remains “abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song”.

We wait in anticipation for Grimes’ next album which is due for release in the coming months.