Ali Barter is back with a new video for the catchy-as-hell single ‘Girlie Bits’An anthem for every woman, ‘Girlie Bits’ challenges the ridiculous beauty standards in the punchy, tongue in cheek track.

The video, shot in Berlin and Melbourne, juxtaposes Barter thrashing a guitar and defiantly yelling into a mirror with the simple beauty and elegance of Berlin’s SC Wedding synchronised swimming team. Barter’s inner battle fits incredibly with the strong female bodies of the water ballerinas. Typically known to be a source of embarrassment for some, the swimmers are confident and natural in their cozzies, feeling right at home with their team-mates as they casually put on an incredible performance.

The video is ultimately a bravely powerful and confident celebration of not only what a female can look like, but the freedom in how one can choose to represent that. Although not a visual representation of every shape, size, and colour, the feeling the clip evokes is a powerful statement for women everywhere.

Shouts out to every woman, of any colour, whether you’re tall, short, big, small, cis, trans, able-bodied, or not – or anything in between or outside!

Now regarding the footage of Ali Barter sing-yelling into the mirror – we’ve all been there. Admit it. Combined with the strong vocals throwing a huge FU to societies expectations, this is an anthem every female can call their own. The blokes can enjoy it too! This track is sure to explode at Ali Barter‘s upcoming shows, for which support acts have just been announced. Her last shows of the year, these intimate dates aren’t to be missed!

Shake your bits to the hits at the tour dates below

December 15 / Wildlife At The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD
Supported by Cloud Tangle / TICKETS

December 16 / Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW
Supported by Brightness / TICKETS

 December 17 / The Curtin, Melbourne, VIC
Supported by Apes / TICKETS