Sit back and watch some of The Muppets’ best musical moments over the last few decades with the help of some very special guest stars.

From running around set with Weezer, to battling Travis Barker for percussion supremacy, the motley bunch have had their hand in some of the best human x puppet collaborations of all time!

OK Go and The Muppets – Muppet Show Theme Song

CeeLo Green Feat. The Muppets – All I Need Is Love

The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody

Weezer – Keep Fishin’

Animal Vs. Buddy Rich – The Drum Off

Animal Vs. Travis Barker – The Drum Off

The Muppets – Stand By Me

Bret McKenzie (Flight Of The Concords) and Kermit –  Life’s a Happy Song

Lady GaGa and The Muppets – Applause Ver. 2

The Muppets – So What’cha Want (Beastie Boys)