Who inspired you to make a career out of music?

I would say the urge of letting go of the harsh feelings I had within me after the death of my baby brother. I was writing poems and before I knew it I was already rapping my heart out to people on busses and trains.

At what stage did you decide that career in music and a social ambassador would be for you?

It was at a stage where my music was influencing people from all ages, to appreciate what they have and know they’re beautiful. I then realised I am not just a musician I am also a role model and a mentor.

Can you run through some of the important music skills you grasped at JMC?

Well, at JMC I learned how to operate lots of music software and hardware. Learning to become a sound engineer opened my mind to the knowledge of sound, how it moves around us and how to control it in a live or controlled environment. I am still learning…

Can you remember your biggest set back in pursing your musical goal?

My biggest set back was when I was fighting homelessness and also trying to pursue a career in music. I didn’t have a place to sleep or produce music. I felt unstable and it took me to a point where I felt broken and alone.

What advice would you give to those looking to pursue a career in music?

Never give up, always believe yourself because if you don’t, no one will believe in you. Be unique and be graceful and humble. Grasp every opportunity u have and put your mind to it.


What music do you listen to predominantly these days?

I listened to a lot of soul and jazz. I try to find something groovy that can bring out my inner creativity but also set me in a mood to be inspiring.

Can you remember your first musical influence?

Yes I can!

My first musical influence was when I attended an event at Rod laver arena and watched rapper La Crae perform.

Is there anyone within the music industry you find particularly inspirational?

Yes actually! I found Hopsin the rap artist very inspirational, as an artist myself I love to be truthful and honest in what I do. He raps for his fans and send out inspirational messages that would educate the uneducated and make the unbelievers believe in themselves.

Do you have any certain releases or albums you find deeply meaningful to you in any way?

Yes! I found the track ‘Gold’ by Frank Dixon related to my life and what I have been through. The track talks about knowing that you’re beautiful and it has a message that can relates to anyone no matter who you are or where you come from.

Can you tell us about your role with Yoyo Talent?

YOYO Management manages me as both an artist and soccer player.

What is the Teenage Expo, and what does the event bring to young people?

The Australian teenage expo is an event based on engaging and entertaining young people, showing them the huge number of options they have to choose from in coming years with education and life journeys.  Most importantly The Expo’s theme this year is ‘Potential’ which highlights the limitless possibilities that young people can look at and achieve. I am so excited to be a role model to young people who want to learn from my journey. I cant wait to perform Gold on stage with Frank Dixon and showcase soccer on stage. The Australian Teenage Expo is on 28 & 29 August at the Royal Showground’s. I launch my soccer career again at this event so come and see me on stage free styling with a soccer ball. I cant wait!!!