Mas Ysa’s new video: ‘Margarita‘ is visually stunning and accompanies a deeply creative album which embraces cutting-edge electronic music, but owes plenty to traditional songwriting. His debut LP Seraph features songs that are made to pack a dance floor flow seamlessly into harrowing ballads.

The new video was directed by Kris Moyes (Beck, Sia, Franz Ferdinand) and filmed in Hawaii at several locations– Volcanoes National Park, Mauana Kea, Papakolea Beach (aka Green Sand Beach) and Kulaniapia Falls.

Seraph is the creation of Mas Ysa, aka Thomas Arsenault. The album took the better part of a year and it was crafted in Arsenault‘s home studio and received, with additional production help from Steve Rivette (Liars, Black Dice) and was mixed by grammy-nominated Damian Taylor (Björk, Arcade Fire).

In an earlier statement regarding creative inspiration for the song ‘Margarita’ Arsenault explained: “This is named for my mom, who’s also on the cover art of everything I do. It deals with the trauma of becoming your own autonomous person and that person when you see your parent as a fallible person. It’s a complicated thank you.”

Go and check out Seraph, which was released July 24, 2015 on Create/Control + Downtown Records