Mac DeMarco has released a bizarre and hilarious video featuring a female Homer Simpson fooling around in Brooklyn, sound tracked by a slowed down version of ‘Chamber of Reflection’, from Mac’s 2014 LP Salad Days.

The low budget, psychedelic 80’s style clip opens with lady Homer lounging against the grill of a Ford Truck in comic sex bomb fashion, before chopping and warping through various scenarios, colours and images. Other highlights include lady Homer straddling a gushing fire hydrant, checking out a Van Halen record and lying semi passed out in a park.

The video, which Mac announced by saying “it’s an honor, Al Pacino has directed our newest video” on his Facebook page,  is indicative of the talented Canadian’s refreshingly carefree attitude to the music business while also feeding into his cult status as a hilarious entertainer.

Check out the audio for the up to speed ‘Chamber of Reflection’ below: