But I don’t think we have a chemistry…

Drenched in post-internet limes and bubbling 3D koi, Le1f’s latest clip for first lifted single ‘Koi’ is a visual and aural experience that overwhelms the senses. Twitching on seasides and rummaging through lush forests, the clip sees the alternative artist in his own curated element; whispering amongst wavy reflections, digitally altered seaweed and popping quickly with brightly dressed dancers.

A tease for his upcoming debut full-length Riot Boi via Terrible Records/Remote Control, the track is  quintessential Le1f, with the New York rappers venomous retort ebbing within the future-facing producer SOPHIE collaboration.

Directed by Simon Ward on Australia shores during Le1f’s last tour, the video is yet another visual standout within the trophy case of past Le1f videos that include ‘WUT’, ‘Boom’, ‘Sup’ and many more. Pretty groovy.