Be submerged. Wake up crying. It’s a lucid dream – or is it?

Jonny Telafone’s latest clip is a dip into the senses. Appropriating dark spaces and online connections, ‘Waking Up Crying’ is an emotionally haunting glimmer into the energies and physical forms of people. Premiering today, the clip sees Jonny scouring through his past life, drowning under the sensations of dating apps and flowing bodies of water. While it all may be very artistic – and believe me, it is very ssssaaaddd boyyyyys – the single has exceptional bass; pulsating and charming your senses as it ebbs and flows.

Featuring a verse by LA rapper and A$AP Rocky collaborator Bones, the single is an inky taster of Jonny’s debut album Romeo Must Cry, which is to be released on vinyl and digital by Chapter Music earlier this year. I’m imagining it’s going to sound something like this, and of course, I appreciate that.

Jonny Telafone is taking his melodramatic, anthemic, emotionally-charged live show to Bigsound next week, performing at Ric’s Bar on Thursday September 10 at 9.50pm – get your pillow ready!