American alt-rocker Jack White has released a surreal, three-in-one video for Lazaretto single ‘Black Bat Licorice‘.

Although the solo album is nearly a year old, the track is given new life through a series of hypnotic scenes that include potato chips, dancing bats and an Egyptian queen.

Thanks to an awesome interactive setup, you can flip between the three videos throughout the song. If you just hit play normally, you can watch a 2-D animated clip directed by James Blagden, which shows a cartoon White cutting out his own tongue with a Stanley knife and dancing badly in an attempt to serenade an Egyptian queen. The clip is a jagged palette of blues, blacks and white.

Next, if you hold down the “3″ on your keyboard, you’ll see a different scene – a moody blue live-action video (which White directed). The alternative clips flashes between normal and inverted colours, with a deadpan White singing along to his piercing vocals against a melancholy backdrop of patterned wallpaper and creepy masked groovers.

Finally, if you hold down the “B” key, you’ll see another live-action video, this time from director Brad Holland. The final scenario depicts a bunch of floppy haired randoms headbanging in slo-mo to the fuzzy Lazaretto ode in an empty carpark complex.

Check out the trippy experience below:

Lazaretto is out now via Third Man Records/Columbia through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.