Bow down to #ArtAngels priestess Grimes and her latest clip. Hallmarking the second lifted track from her magnetic fourth record, Claire Boucher has yet again rallied up a feverish and ultibabe squad to breathe new life into Art Angels.

Spun as a live-action video, the clip itself was shot in Toronto and features dark, gritty subway passages, blood soaked raves mimicking Blade, and Mad Max: Fury Road inspired getaways. Reverberating between each bass pound and jittery high note, the music video is a fast-paced and unapologetic game between jilted dance, female energy and “YOU DIED”.

After her recent tour of Japan, it’s also clear that Grimes is more appreciating of their art and streets than ever before – opting for chaotic Harajuku meets Mad Max layers, statement face masks and deep-rooted, traditional gaming graphics. Jumping off this aesthetic, Grimes continues to execute her art effortlessly and swallow up any people who get in her way.

Side note: I can’t wait for Laneway Festival, bitches.