Notorious for their goofy, fun-filled antics on stage, Melbourne punk rockers, Going Swimming have released a brand new music video featuring track ‘Together (To Get Her)’ from their debut LP Deadtimes Stories.

Bringing their truly unique flavour to the video, the four are seen as floating bobble-heads on various notable music videos, advertisements and TV footage. Created by Michael Woods from Blissington Street, the quirky clip was created with a green-screened garage, edited in a backyard bungalow and is as entertaining as ever.

Clips featured in the release include The Wiggles ‘Big Red Car’ and Olivia Newtown-John’s ‘Lets Get Physical’, advertisements for companies such as Bunnings, Aeroguard and Weet-Bix, iconic TV shows like Play-School, Dancing With The Stars and Power Rangers, familiar Australian Rugby Union and AFL moments and YouTube sensation, Trent From Punchy.

When it comes to the editing, choice of sample videos and brilliant facial expressions of the local heroes, the video is absolutely flawless. Going Swimming have found a way to bring the energy of their live performance to the screen and are damn sure to draw some new eyes with this fabulous display.