Legendary actor of stage and screen Sir Ian McKellan cameos in British singer-songwriter George Ezra‘s new music video ‘Listen to the Man‘.

The Lord of the Rings veteran seems an odd choice of “feat.”, but when he opens his mouth and sings with 21-year-old Ezra’s bluesey-bass voice, you’re instantly hooked. Sporting a pink and white Fedora with matching pocket square, McKellan surprisingly suits the song. The unlikely musical pair sit side-by-side on a studio park bench, playing a fun and funky game of one-upmanship.

The video is a lot of fun, like Ezra’s earlier clip for his breakaway hit ‘Budapest’. ‘Listen to the Man’ is a star-studded spoof – with a spritzy riff and and easy, breezy sing-a-long tempo.

George Ezra will be bringing his Wanted on Voyage tour to Australia in the new year…