An online cataclysm. An impulsive figural movement. An audiovisual and surreal landscape.

There’s something about friendships latest clip that’s on the verge of sensory calamity. Perhaps it’s my morbid curiosity that drags me in so feverishly, but the flickering landscape of ‘P2M//DSK’ is one that effortlessly claws at your attention.

From the creative psyche of Nicholas Brown and Misha Grace, the duo have created a practically effortless trance; combining the industrial and gritty instinct of their music with an overlapping remix of dance, cyber omens and shuffling politicians. With a gut-dropping beat and mind-mangling tempo,  ‘P2M//DSK’ is the audacious clip that can envelope you in a trance and get you moving like Jessie Tokumbo Oshodi herself. Following their upcoming appearances at CMJ and Paradise Music Festival, fans and new viewers alike should look forward to what is friendships. For now, keep bumping in your office space – or is that just me?