26-year-old American naturalist and wildlife filmmaker, Paul Rosolie, has decided that being eaten by an anaconda – one of the largest snakes in the world – is something he is willing to do for TV entertainment.

Donning a custom-built snake-proof suit, Rosolie promises to enter the belly of an anaconda, film it, and release his experience in the form of a nature documentary, Eaten Alive, on the Discovery Channel. 

Since the announcement of the film the wildlife-loving daredevil has written several tantalising tweets promoting the documentary: “Ppl say snakes only eat prey that is dead – in my experience they def eat things alive”, leaving viewers with the question: has this already happened?

The proposal has seen its fair share of backlash, with one tweeter demanding of Rosolie: “Why put an animal under so much trauma?” and a comment on YouTube that read: “Anacondas kill you by squeezing then eat you. How is he going to get around the bone crushing coils and not be squeezed to death??? Some people are just stupid..” 

Eaten Alive will air on December 7th in the US. All being well…