Airy and lighthearted, Deerhunter’s latest single ‘Breaker’ is just what you’d expect from the band’s forthcoming new record Fading Frontier. Crossdisolving across luminous colours and subtle overlays, the clip sees Deerhunter merge founding members Bradford Cox and Lockett Pundt, sharing vocal arrangements and textures in their first ever duet. Taking a step away from the intoxicating garage funk of ‘Snakeskin’ last month, ‘Breaker’ is a balanced production; drawing on the duo’s vocals and creating a seamless melody from it. Directed by Cox alongside additional photography from Lockett Pundt, the clip sees Cox and Pundt alongside Deerhunter members Moses Archuleta and Josh McKay as they swirl against edited cuts, overlapping over one another in a daze.

Fading Frontier is due for release Friday 16th October via 4AD / Remote Control