Creating beats and sampling just got a whole lot cooler with the introduction of the XXOX Composer – a sample tool which incorporates magnets into your tune producing arsenal.

The devices opts to simplify the language of rhythm by exposing how hidden digital functions such as sampling, looping and sequencing relate to mechanical functions and physical interaction.

Pairing with a desktop application, the plug-in and play hardware has been forged to allow people to create a wide range of musical genres, including raw industrial techno to groovy 80’s disco to dusty hip hop beats, simply by snapping the magnets in place.

The eight rotating discs allow for eight (duh..) individual samples to be played simultaneously. The discs are separated, or quantised, into 16 steps allowing the creation of diverse and complex rhythmical patterns. The help of pitch tuning and volume selectors on the hardware further enhances the devices creative bounds.

What really makes the XOXX great is its capability to interact with a wide variety of  electronic musical instruments, computers and related devices, allowing for endless production capabilities.

For more information on the device and its capabilities, click HERE