Courtney Barnett took a breather from her outlandish schedule of overseas tours and appearances at the world’s biggest music festivals to perform a short ode to Melbourne’s inner-north, reflecting nostalgically on its mundanity as a perk in her currently unrecorded track ‘Depreston’. As usual, her lyrics are like eyes; sharply articulate with copious attention to normality. Transportive to a place we’re all somehow familiar with.

The heartwarming, two-chord chronicle of an afternoon visit to Preston was performed by Barnett and her band at New York’s WFUV Radio studios. A long-time inclusion in her live set, ‘Depreston’ is here to remind us all that it is still possible for musicians to, in the space of just six months, play at Coachella, at Glastonbury, and at The Tote on a Sunday afternoon.