Chris & Josh
Episode 16 – Busy
After a big year, Chris & Josh remember the adventures they had. In show-stopping style.

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Chris – Shane Savage
Josh – Matt Werkmeister
Homeless Man – Johnathon Peck
Backpacker (Jess) – Tanya Lianne-Batt
Joss – Myles Tankle
Laura – Claire Frost

Kathleen Amarant
Ami Carle
Brendan Ford
Rebecca Holzheimer
Anna Martin
Susie J Ryan
Phoebe Taylor
Christopher Jury

Created, Written and Directed by Matthew Smolen
Camera Operator – Shaun Herbertson
1st Assistant Director – Scott Burgess
Camera Assistant – Sean Rafter
Location Sound/Playback – Kyle Evans
Lyrics – Matthew Smolen
Composer – Chris O’Neill
Mixing – Brendan O’Neill
Opening and closing title music – Chris O’Neill (
Balloon Tree Productions (C) 2012 (