The musical amalgamation between Chet Faker and Marcus Marr is like a gift from the gods. Faker’s soulful voice, energy and being, perfectly accompanies Marr’s powerful, punchy dance production leading to a well-balanced fusion that will have you breaking out in dance whenever you hear them.

Londoner Marr and Melbournian Faker have been equally admiring each others work over the past few years which culminated in a four-day stopover in Marr’s South London studio earlier this year; the product a four song EP Work.

The new video accompanying their first reworked single ‘The Trouble With Us’, was directed by Barcelona-based collective Kinopravda and explores one couple with several alter egos, each one a different version of themselves. The clip shows the pair equally falling into destructive behavior and explores the central theme of the track’s lyrics.

Faker notes that “functional dysfunction can look good,” and the clip perfectly displays his sentiments. It’s beautifully shot and I’m really digging the ‘50s vibes from the costume and set design.

‘The Trouble With Us’ is the first single from the pair EP Work that is out now on Faker’s label Detail Records grab a copy here.