Chet Faker brings the goods on his new album Built On Glass. He has the lyrical swagger, which is wordy and considered but manly enough. All of those months and hours spent tucked away in an old North Melbourne studio were worth it.

He revealed in an interview that he deleted his work twice when it was a finished product and started again from scratch. Each song seems like a little production and thought trail of its own. Some of the songs need a few listens, while others catch you straight away.

Track ‘1998’ is all bouncy and dance friendly, while ‘Talk is Cheap’ is full of layers and vocal blends; sexy saxophone solos and husky vocals. Along with his new body of work sprouts a carefully crafted visual world and his first two video releases show just that.

Talk is Cheap
The changing of the seasons is artfully and beautifully directed by creative visionaries  Toby and Pete. It is emblematic of the song and the underlying nuances. Chet is submerged beneath thick ice, then it melts and he awakens. For a time the greenery sprouts, and things are fresh and new, before time descends, Chet begins to age and his surrounds become overgrown and all dried up. The cold comes once again, the ice resumes and hardens, then the snow falls and all you see is white. It ties in well with the lyrical content and overall moody feel of the song. The thing most striking about the video is the intricacy of it, which shows Chet goes further than being a music man.

He puts effort into the visual side of things, which is illustrated further in his video ‘1998’. This video would have been a time consuming endeavour to get it right, but to the artist’s credit, it is a fantastic end product. Illustrated by Grace Lee and Directed by Domenico Bartolo. A cool combination of shapes and shadows emerging to the beat are entrancing. The sparseness is effective against the inky black, and flashes of bold colour.

One of the smoothest songs to emerge so far is ‘Melt’. American hip hopper and silky singer/talker Kilo Kish jumps in and is girly and seductive alongside Chet. Together they sound superb.

There are lots of golden moments peppered throughout Built On Glass. The music is full of shades, tones and textures; the lyrics are considered, and the visual world created around the music is one that is both evocative and enriching as such. There is something relatively organic about the imagery dating back to Chet’s debut EP Thinking in Textures. There seems to be a common thread, where Chet grows from the ground up. He starts with soil, and ends up with greenery.

Tour Dates:
June 12 The Wool Exchange Geelong, Victoria
June 13 Forum Melbourne, Victoria
June 14 Forum Melbourne, Victoria
June 15 Forum Melbourne, Victoria
June 16 Forum Melbourne, Victoria
June 17 The Astor, Perth
June 20 The Tivoli, Brisbane
June 21 The Tivoli, Brisbane
June 22 Lake Kawana Community Centre, Qld
June 24 Glasshouse Theatre Port Macquarie, NSW
June 25 Civic Theatre Newcastle, NSW
June 26 The Enmore Theatre Newtown, NSW
June 27 The Enmore Theatre Newtown, NSW
June 28 Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul, NSW
June 29 The Enmore Theatre Newton, NSW
Jul 03 HQ, Adelaide, SA
Jul 05 Odeon Theatre Adelaide, NSW

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