If you think back to the year 2000, you might remember a little film clip from Destiny’s Child called ‘Say My Name.’ You know the one, where each girl was in a separate room wearing their own specific colour. They meet up, have an outfit change, and break out in group dance.

In Catlips new video for ‘Fade,’ imagine that, except this time Catlips is the separate entity (let’s say Beyoncé), and she makes her back up dancers (let’s say Kelly, Michelle and LaToya) make out with each other in order to achieve hydration and some sweet sunglasses.

Let’s hope Beyoncé doesn’t sue for making that comparison. It’s steamy, naughty, and saucy. More importantly, it’s fun.

‘Fade’ is the lead single from Catlip’s brand new EP Casual. No stranger to the electronic scene, Perth based producer Katie Campbell has been a pivotal member of the popular outfit Kucka. Travelling, touring, producing, composing – all in all, this lass has been very busy.

And it’s a great little track, with a catchy use of synths and well-layered percussive elements. True to Campbell’s aesthetic, the clip is a little psychedelic, and the track is full of energy.

Have a watch, at least for the bar fridge full of shades.

Casual EP was released on 6th March, through Pilerats.