After gracing the ARIA red carpet, Born Lion are in no hurry to settle down for the year. Dropping their latest music video for ‘Rest In Pieces’, the Sydney guitar slingers bring their brutal noise and dynamic visuals together once again.

Filmed on the streets of Sydney, the track features the vocals of Grenadiers’ Jesse Coulter. With additional appearances from The Stiffys and Captives, the clip is jam-packed with Australian talent.

In the ultimate encounter, a split screen shot shows the boys running towards each other, finally meeting in a spillway to compete in an epic band-off. Battling it out with baseball bats in hand, the two groups are equally engaging and energetic.

Directed by Ty at Paste Studios, the video is just a glimpse of the band’s debut LP, Final Words, released earlier this year. To top it all of, the local boys are headed to Wollongong this weekend to play an Xmas extravaganza at Dicey Riley’s Hotel.

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