Heaps trendy Melbourne label Wondercore Island and one of the most fun bands in Australia Jazz Party have announced a party titled “A Twin Peaks Xmas at The John Curtin Hotel on Christmas Eve (December 24).

The killer lineup features some of Melbourne’s best soul, RnB, funk and jazz acts including Mojo Juju, Daniel Merriweather, Kira Puru, and Loretta Miller.

Of course, Melbourne’s very own Jazz Party (If you haven’t heard them, the name is pretty self explanatory) will be performing a set on the night as well blasting out the sophisticated, high-energy entertainment.

Tickets are $15 through the John Curtin Hotel website. Coffee, pie, themed cocktails and spicy costumes have been promised.

Change up Christmas this year, skip out on Anthony Callea and Human Nature at Carols By Candlelight and get some groove and culture into you before cheap pavlova and sparkling wine rip it away.

Heres a video of Jazz Party nailing it.

Doors 8pm

Tickets: www.johncurtinhotel.com