If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years, and you’re still watching Gossip Girl for your outfit of the day inspiration, then it’s time to get your life together because there’s a new aesthetic on the rise. Activewear. Is it now entirely justifiable to always be dressed like you could go for a 10km run, even if you’re completely hungover and are only planning on meeting your mate down at the coffee shop for a soy chai latte and a chat. 

The activewear revolution stems from an honest and humble desire to achieve optimum fitness and a healthy lifestyle, with efficiency and minimal inconvenience. Fantastic, right! So who cares if you make a pitstop at a couple of destinations before or after your workout, you do you. Also who is going to even notice if you start rocking up to one or two work meetings sporting some athletic tights rather than your usual pantsuit situation, you do you. I don’t even think your partner would notice if you start sleeping in your gym gear every night to save time in the morning to get changed – preparation is key, also you do you.

Everyone has seen a couple of yummy mummy’s down at the beach in their activewear, having a catch-up and borderline racing their strollers to the metaphorical finish line. And almost everyone can recognise millennials having a girls day feat. acai superfood bowl, and an Instagram story or two #activewear. Don’t you feel left out either boys, because I know you’re a part of this phenomenon as well. Footy training every Thursday night with the boys? More like, 1 lap of the oval, plans for pre drinks on the weekend, and then wearing your activewear for the next 4 hours because “you need to cool down before you shower”. I get it, you’re leading an active lifestyle, and hey kudos, but you really don’t need to justify your activewear.

For those of you arguing that “leggings aren’t real clothes” or “they probably aren’t even working out today”, these people are the beneficiaries of a generation of hard work, whose ideologies align with clean lifestyle choices, sustainability and being pro-active. They simply don’t have the time to get changed more than once a day. So next time you look for maybe a second too long at the girls in the supermarket because a) they have huge guns from all the tricep dips, or b) you’re judging because they aren’t wearing “real clothes”, just you wait – you might not on the activewear bandwagon now, but you will be soon. We all will be.

Pros: maximum comfort, minimal outfit planning, apparent sweat is no longer apparent (unless it’s on your face, in which case, a tissue should suffice), great shapely physique – obviously from all the fitness, and bonding with other members of the activewear movement.

Cons: you didn’t get started sooner.

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