The Corner Hotel filled with eager punters on a sunny Thursday evening and as the night progressed we were not disappointed with Vallis Alps’ mix of new ambient bangers and old favourites.

Vallis Alps opened with their just released single ‘East’, which is a dynamic and atmospheric track led by David Ansari featuring extremely smooth and ethereal vocals by Parissa Tosif. This new piece is seemingly a continuation of their previous works, however, the offering has added elements that make it more skewed towards pop-electronica than those proceeding.

Ansari described it as a “shaking up [our sound] sonically and lyrically into new and exciting territories”, and this was duly noticed by the crowd receiving a positive response.

Playing an extensive set-list featuring a variety of tracks from both of their EP’s and also a cover, the combination of breathy vocals and relaxed electronia combined for an effortlessly cool vibe through the entirety of the evening.

Thru’ uses effective repetition to enter deep into the subconscious, with elements of wind-chimes played by Ansair in combination with falsetto-vocals pool together naturally. The ultimate creation of what can only be described as a common theme for the performance: an interesting mix of relaxing music that you can dance to. Throbbing basslines are what gets the body moving, whilst the hypnotising samples calm the mind.

In the mix of original material, a stellar cover of a track originally by Troye Sivan and Broods. Titled ‘Ease’, this rendition really took the show to another level. Although I hadn’t heard the original, the ‘remix’ felt very natural and in line with the soundscape of the rest of the evening and one could have easily mistaken it to be an original track.

An unlikely duo it seems, David and Parissa only stumbled into producing live shows as a result of their increased popularity rather than just make music for their friends to listen to. The group had never even met each other in person before their first EP Young was released. However, it is hard to comprehend such as the connection between both members on a live platform is undeniable.

Vocals overall were stellar, however, at times Tosif was a little off-key. Such can be expected as the task at hand in producing the airy vocals featured on the record, which cover a large range which is no easy task.

Finishing the night off with ‘Young’ really showcased the elements of Vallis Alps live show. Ansari played a myriad of synth’s, drum pads and other instruments I have frankly no idea what they were to create a steady pulsating beat, with layer after layer of samples and vocal tones. A chill-pop

A chill, pop sound unlike any other, Vallis Alps are truly a unique electronic outfit with a stellar live show.