From the beginning of this EP, you notice that Caleb Karvountzis’s vocals are quite unique. You Tore Out My Heart is Tiny Little Houses first release, and trust me when I say it – every one of these tracks is single worthy.

But back to the vocals – they take on this very raspy quality but have a really light airy sense to them – not so much so that it’s overpoweringly floaty, it still sounds strong and you could totally see these songs being belted out over a festival field. Think Of Monsters And Men meets Silversun Pickups.

The best track from this EP by far is ‘Easy’ – the marriage between the two guitars in the song creates this juxtaposition of light and shade, (the main being low and sad, the second being bright and chirpy), which weaves into lyrics telling a tale of being friend-zoned – which is relatable within itself – but you get from the guitars alone that this song is about being with being something that makes you sad initially – playing into the concept of short term pain, long term pleasure.

I love how consistently acoustic this EP is. It’s got this great hollowness about it that keeps it found sounding manufactured – but not so much so that it sounds stripped and raw, and the tracks manage to maintain their fullness.

You Tore My Heart Out is out now. For more info, head to: