Strangers From Now On aren’t particularly fazed by their likening to bands such as The Birthday Party, Portishead and The Drones. There’s simply no time for them to be bothered by comparisons. Having played their inaugural set at All Tomorrow’s Parties in February, the Melbourne four-piece have been kept well and truly busy by the release of their first EP and preparations for their second. Vocalist and guitarist Aidan Kelly discusses their upcoming EP and explains why their newly-released EP is not so new after all. 

Describing the feedback so far for the self-titled EP’s as “glowing”, Kelly elaborates on the belated process of its official release. 

“It’s been re-released. We recorded it [two] years ago now but it was at the start of our life as a band so it never really got a full release… we didn’t do it officially through a distribution label or anything. So we sold it at shows and stuff, and we had a much smaller following back then.”

Since it’s creation two years ago, the songs on the EP have remained unaltered. The long time gap between the EPs has allowed Strangers From Now On to undertake a “natural progression to add an extra layer in”, shifting their sound to include more “synthesizers and stuff”. On the progress of the EP which is due to be released in February, Kelly explains that it is almost completed.

“There are a couple of minor things we still need to do like mastering and stuff but the product itself is finished.. It’s kind of exciting but strange having the completed project next to us that we can’t really show anyone yet.”

Kelly does not mind the band’s frequent comparisons to other bands, siting Portishead as an act who they are frequently compared to; “a lot of people have said Portishead, especially the way Gabbie [Santos]’s voice sounds sometimes.”

“It’s great, I mean obviously everybody learns from other people and gets inspiration from other people, so there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Earlier this year the band played to a “completely packed out” room at All Tomorrow’s Parties. Kelly remembers the set as their best show of the year, commenting that the gig “could not have gone any better”. Since February, Strangers From Now On have gone up and down the east coast and are preparing to do it all again. Perth, however, is not yet on the cards. 

“I’ve lived with a lot of people from Perth and a lot of my good friends are from Perth, so I feel like I’ve been there… but it’s just so expensive. It costs more to go to Perth from Melbourne than it does to go to New Zealand sometimes. It’s ridiculous! “ Strangers From Now On will recommence touring to promote their next EP following a rest over Christmas. They play at Boney on Thursday December 5th and at The Factory Theatre in Sydney on December 6th. Buy tickets to the Boney show here.