When I stumbled into the Forum Theatre ready for a huge Friday night, I had high hopes for the gig ahead. Waltzing onto the stage like they had appeared there by accident, the Hawaiian shirt and bucket hat crew that were Sticky Fingers casually, yet stylishly captivated the audience from start to finish.

Opening with ‘Land of Pleasure’, a drunk and enthusiastic crowd swayed and boogied to the psychedelic, laid back stylings that are so distinctive of Sticky Fingers. Old favourites such as ‘Gold Snafu’ and ‘Bootleg Rascal’ get the response any band could dream of, the audience singing as loud and as hard as they can almost every single lyric. After this, Dylan Frost (Dizza) can feel the energy in the air and is ecstatic. Exclaiming something along the lines of “You guys look fuuuuuuuuuucking luscious”, he is simply the driver of the out of control bus, which we all jumped on at the start of the show and at this point the bus shows no sign of slowing down.

Antics from the band are nothing short of spectacular, at one point in the show Dizza stage dives into the mosh and is greeted by every punter in the entire venue rushing to touch his luscious lock of hair and somehow in the process loose his pants. Awesome. Jumping back on stage completely naked, this cheeky frontman shows his true colours and they are glorious. Giggling as he does, he looks for his pants in the crowd from the stage, whilst covering his lower region with just a hand. Giving in, he decides to scull a beer and accidently forgets his other hand was meant to be being used as pants.

‘Rum Rage’ and ‘Outcast At Last’ take the already rowdy crowd who was partying with all their might to another level. Entire beers are launched into the air, girls clamber onto their boyfriend’s shoulders but the bus keeps on rolling. Culminating with the smash hit ‘How to Fly’ the audience is a tad more laid back, but not much. Bass heavy with smooth vocals, the atmosphere is tangible and the classic tune does not disappoint.Cameo appearance’s from a few of the support band’s members, Will And The People pop on stage to shake a few beers into the crowd. Judging from wobble like stumbling motion they used to get off the stage I’m sure the antics off stage and into the night would have been unbelievable.

Finishing with ‘Australia Street’, Dizza stops and takes a moment to admire the crowd. He is barley able to sing (or talk) at this point due to how many beers he has had. Wide-eyed and having the time of his life, Dizza takes a back seat on the bus and casually sings a few lines here and there: but the crowd mostly sings it all and they love it. Sticky Fingers have a unique groove that just moves along, its casual yet infectious and it left the audience wanting more.

Moseying off the stage as casually as they came on, the crowd chanted and begged Sticky Fingers to come back on stage for an encore. In somewhat of an awkward and confusing situation, a hype man came onto the stage, got the crowd revved up for more ‘Stickies’, but instead an Artic Monkey’s song came on. Taking it in the stride, the crowd continued to boogie, even if it was a CD track until the lights came on and thus was the end of the show.

Overall, a raging party filled with great tunes and even better antics from a band somewhere between reggae and psychedelic rock. For a reason, unknown to the crowd Stickies disappeared never to return, which sucked because the rest of the show was 11/10.