Hailing from a gorgeous coastal town south of Sydney, Shining Bird‘s dream-pop sounds are infectious. Playing the upcoming ‘Yours and Owls Festival’ after a run of Sold Out Shows, their award winning live shows are sure to be spectacular.
We recently caught up with them to chat about their hometown, influences, festival must have’s and a new album.

It all began Austinmer, a coastal town just south of Sydney. Did your hometown influence your music in any way?
This is where we grew up. Our roots are deep here.

You noted your collective love for Australian Poet Henry Lawson and also the ocean. How did these elements inspire your music?
Less Henry Lawson more Les Murray, Robert Adamson and Kenneth Slessor. The ocean is unavoidable where we live.

Your second album is due for release for soon. What can you tell us about it?
We wrote a lot of this one in the Blue Mountains. Spent a lot of time bushwalking and going to look outs in between.

Shining BIrd_mountains

The distinctive sound has been acclaimed widely, is there a creative process involved in producing new music?
The song-writing is often secondary to the sound and texture. A great deal of time is spent on creating places for which the songs exist in.

During the production of the work were there any artists or works you looked to for inspiration?
Midnight Oil, Arthur Boyd, John Forbes, Jenny Kee.

You kicked off the year at Sydney’s iconic Opera House. What was that like? Have there been any standout shows or funny tour memories?
The concert hall was one of the smaller venues we have played. Still highly enjoyable! Staff were amazing. Tour memories: Our percussionist James Kates taking on an accomplished jazz drummer in a solo battle, and somehow matching him with pure “Hercules” Strength and enormous rock drum fills that even John Bonham would be impressed.

Upcoming is the Yours and Owls festival, are there any particular bands you are really looking forward to playing alongside or seeing?
Cloud Control, Pinheads, Russell W & the 5 Islands, Smith Street Band, Preatures.YO4

What are the 3 must have’s for any festival?
Ticket. A good spot to watch Shining Bird. Money for Shining Bird merch

Your live shows have earned a finalist nomination for ‘Best Live Act’ in the Sydney Music, Art & Culture Awards. What’s the most enjoyable thing about curating a live show?
Playing with bands yer love.

What’s next for Shining Bird and for the rest of 2015?
Will have a brand new single out in the coming months with an album on the way.

Yours & Owls Festival 2015
Friday, 2nd October – Saturday, 3rd October 2015
Stuart Park, North Wollongong
Tickets: Yours & Owls