Seth Sentry kicked off his 26 date Vacation Tour with Grey Ghost and Mantra with a sold out show at the Jack. The venue was packed with hundreds of girls and of guys repping their flat caps all eagerly waiting to mosh hard with Sentry for his first ever gig in Cairns. One underage girl attempted to climb the roof just to get into the venue leaving Seth quite impressed.

Grey Ghost and Mantra deserve some praise. Their rap skills and beats got the crowd pumping and it was clear they were truly appreciated with each song drawing more and more people away from the bar and towards the stage.

Seth’s witty banter was evident the moment he stepped foot on the stage opening with his latest single ‘Vacation’. The crowd lapped up every single word this guy said as if it was gospel. I’ve honestly never seen a crowd engage so attentively with an artist before and Seth and his accompanying DJ, the charismatic DJ Sizzle, were more than willing to interact with the crowd throughout the entire set, singling out people when rapping and just having a good old chat with everyone while on stage (he even got one girl in the crowd to tie up his shoe lace for him).

Seth worked up a sweat performing songs from his current album This Was Tomorrow and The Waiter Minute EP as well as his Triple J Like a Version cover of Frenzal Rhomb’s ‘Punch in the Face’.  After one girl said she would cry if he didn’t, she convinced him to play his hit ‘Train Catcher’. After DJ Sizzle found the beat, Seth dedicated the song to everyone’s ex-partners.

There were many highlights of the night including the moustache competition which consisted of an audience member competing against DJ Sizzle for the best moustache and shooting the crowd with large Nerf Guns throughout the night.

An impressive moment was when Seth brought Grey Ghost and Mantra back on stage to freestyle with him. The audience threw random objects up on stage for them to rap about. ID’s, bras, Centrelink cards, phone cases, clothes and even a Hooters member card were thrown up on stage and the three rappers didn’t miss a beat while freestyling to a wild crowd.

Seth closed the show with his hit ‘Dear Science’ which was placed at #26 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2012. There was screaming and fist pumping along to the track as Seth rapped about hover boards.  

The night ended on a high and despite the witty banter that took place between Seth and the crowd, he still remained a humble artist throughout the entire show saying, “There would have to be about 600 people here. I couldn’t even get 600 people to turn up to my show in my hometown of Melbourne last year. Thank you.”

So, if you go to a Seth Sentry gig, you can expect one hectic show and be prepared to leave more than impressed. This guy’s rap skills and stage presence are phenomenal.


By Angela Ruggeri