The brainchild of Sam Cooper (Sambrose Automobile, Big Harvest), Sagamore have released a debut EP that completely belies their age and short existence as a band. The self-titled release contains five songs, all of which encapsulate a mature blues-pop sensibility reminiscent of the Stones during their early 1970s peak.

The rasping blues hook of ‘Good Love’ opens the EP in full swing; introducing listeners to the dirty guitar, clean production and shameless organ-shredding which is maintained throughout the rest of the release. The lyrics are mostly simple and love-related, containing singalong choruses that allow for fun within an otherwise accomplished EP. It’s also worth mentioning that track titles like ‘I Had A Dream’ and ‘Lover Got Another’ could have been pulled straight from a Radio One mixtape made in 1966.

Cooper delivers vocals with a sense of depth and confidence that exceeds his age by at least a decade.  Eileen Hodgkins of The Perch Creek Family Jugband harmonizes with Cooper on most of the songs; stamping the EP with a clap-happy family-band feel. In similar form to their Flightless Records cosignatories The Murlocs and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Sagamore carry an air of revivalism while ensuring that their own sound remains intact.

While void of surprises, Sagamore’s self-titled EP is markedly solid for a first release. Cooper establishes himself as well adept to writing, playing and singing blues rock and roll; lending his own enjoyable signature to a genre that is all-too-often poorly revived.